Mental Health Training
Mental health chelmsford

Mental health illness can greatly impact social and adaptive functioning and therefore can influence somebody’s ability to engage in employment, education or with other services.

Organisations (employers, educators) can benefit from training about mental health difficulties in order that they can identify and understand common mental health problems and offer appropriate support to an individual.

I am able to offer educational and engaging training sessions tailored to meet your organisations needs. Training events are offered as half or full days depending on the nature of the training. I am also able to offer evening training events.

Please contact me for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Examples of courses offered to organisations:

‘Understanding and Recognising Common Mental Health Conditions’

‘Mental Health in the workplace’

'CBT workshop-how CBT can help'

‘Developing Emotional Resilience'

Examples of additional courses offered to schools:

‘Understanding and Responding to Deliberate Self Harm’

‘Understanding Autism Spectrum Conditions’

‘Managing Anxiety in Autism Spectrum Conditions’

‘Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviour’